Sodium acetate solution (water
                                                                          Iron(II) fumarate(pharmaceutic
                                                                          Iron(II) fumarate (feed grade)
                                                                          Sodium acetate anhydrous(techn
                                                                          Sodium acetate anhydrous (food
                                                                          Sodium acetate anhydrous(pharm
                                                                          Acetic acid,sodium salt trihyd
                                                                          Acetic acid,sodium salt trihyd
                                                                          Acetic acid,sodium salt trihyd
                                                                          Garlic Oil (feed grade)
                                                                          Garlic Oil (pharmaceutical gra
                                                                          iron trihydroxide(technical gr
                                                                          diisopropylammonium dichloroac
                                                                          Garlic Oil (pharmaceutical grade)
                                                                          Common Name: Garlic Oil (pharmaceutical grade)
                                                                          Molecular Weight: 178.33
                                                                          Structural Formula:
                                                                          The Product: In compliance with national drug standard: WS-10001-(HD--0050)-2002
                                                                          Technical Index: [Property] Nearly colorless or light yellow clear liquid. Soluble in absolute ethyl alcohol or trichloromethane, poorly soluble in water.
                                                                          [Relative Density] 1.104-1.110
                                                                          [Refractive Index] 1.585-1.590
                                                                          [Content] C6H10S3 is 97.0-103.0%
                                                                          [Gas Chromatography]≥99.0%
                                                                          [Non-volatile Matter]≤10mg。
                                                                          [Relevant Substances]≤0.02%
                                                                          [Category] Antibacterial drug
                                                                          Use: 1. Alltride enteric-coated soft capsules; 2. Allitride injection; 3.Allitride enteric-coated tablet.
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